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Our History

The Diner was originally built in 1954 as a classic drive-in. My parents, Sam and Kathy Vergos, with the help of my grandparents, purchased and remodeled it to make the Diner what it is today. 

The Diner has had many names throughout the years. Some of the most notable names were 77 Hamburgers & Jim’s Sandwich Palace. Back then, they served Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Beer. My Pappou (Greek for grandfather), “Mr. Jim”, used to pour the beer on tap. My Yiayia (Greek for grandmother), Toula Mihalopoulos, worked the register. 

My parents sold it in the early eighties to run other successful establishments. But after several owners failed, they decided to re-open the Diner in 1989, this time as the Original Market Diner.  

My dad, Sam, is a self-taught chef who created all the recipes that everyone still loves today. My mom, Kathy, is known for her hospitality and smile. Everyone feels like they are at home when she’s around. 

After growing up in the business, I decided to follow in my family’s footsteps. So in 2001, I took over the business to continue the Original Market Diner tradition. Yes, we have great food, but the other thing you’ll notice is our employees...most of them stay for years...something that is unheard of in the restaurant industry. It’s one of the reasons we hope you’ll come back for more and continue to make us one of Dallas’ favorites.
            - Jimmy Vergos

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